National AYUSH Mission Project – “NIRAMAYA” (Implentation: Dept of Panchakarma)

Ayurvedic Protocol for Prevention and Treatment of Obesity and Associated Non-communicable diseases in EdarikkodeGramaPanchayath
The aim of the project was to apply Ayurveda concepts in the prevention and treatment of Non –Communicable Diseases. The objectives were to evaluate the efficacy of Ayurvedic protocol for prevention and treatment of obesity and associated non-communicable diseases in EdarikkodeGramaPanchayath.
Multiple (4) arms

  • Epidemiological Survey
    • To measure the prevalence of non-communicable diseases [HTN, DM, IHD, Cancer, Obesity] in EdarikkodeGramaPanchayath; sampling frame was voters list
    • Conducted as an Analytical Cross-sectional study in 16 wards of Panchayath by direct personal interview
    • Prevalence of obesity in EdarikkodeGramaPanchayath is 40.52%
  • School health Programme
    • To prevent non-communicable diseases in school-going children; 247students of Standard IV & V, KlaariGovt.UP School were preliminary screened for any non – communicable diseases by conducting medical camp
    • As nutritional intervention, ashtachurna was given. For improving oral health – danthadhavanachoorna was distributed and Clinical yoga package was also implemented.
  • Public awareness programme
    • Conducted in 14 wards of Panchayath using LCD projector and Powerpoint Presentations along with obesity detection camps
    • Arogya calendar was prepared incorporating the principles of Dinacarya and Ritucarya and copies were printed and are being distributed in the Panchayat
  • Treatment protocol
    • To evaluate the efficacy of Panchakarma, yoga, diet and life style modification protocol in obesity and other NCD; consists of rookshana procedures (Takrapana, udwarthana / dhanyamladhaaara), lekhana/ vaitharanavasti (Blackbox design)
    • 101 patients have completed the protocol till date
    • Interim analysis suggests that the Treatment protocol shows statistically significant reduction in BMI with insignificant changes in Fasting Blood sugar and Lipid profile