Kottakkal Ayurveda School of Excellence (KASE)

Kottakkal Ayurveda School of Excellence (KASE) is a unique wing of Kerala Ayurveda Studies nd Research Society (KASRS) for continuing, innovative and functional education for Ayurvedic fraternity. KASE is envisaged to realize the ingrained purpose of KASRS to promote and facilitate the research and training in Ayurveda by running specially designed short term courses and workshops. It is proposed to equip the attending participants to face the various challenges of practicing Ayurveda in a globalized era, through continuing Ayurvedic professional training. The aim of the said institution is that the main stakeholders, students and practitioners of Ayurveda, should become confident and competent enough to become the torch bearers of this ancient system of medicine. Conducting short term courses for skill development for Ayurvedic practitioners will help them for the acquisition of additional skills in various clinical departments.KASE plans to conduct elective and short term courses in industrial, research and hospitality settings to those who are aspiring to join such industries. KASE is ready to propagate the ncient science round the globe by conducting 6 Kottakkal Ayurveda School of Excellence introductory and advanced courses for foreign students. Conducting advanced training courses for therapists so as to integrate them seamlessly to global standards of wellness and hospitality
industries is another objective of KASE.

Conducting awareness classes on relevant public health issues of the times is of prime importance to propagate the principles and practices of the science among the general population.

KASE is equipped to conduct re-orientation programs for teaching faculty, post graduates, doctoral and post doctoral scholars in various aspects of research and specific skills which will help them for their continuous professional development. Apart from all the training programs, KASE plans to conduct/ host conclaves of policymakers on various aspects of Ayurvedic education, regulatory frameworks and futuristic interventions.

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